We are an environmentally friendly company based in the uk, proud to introduce to you, smart cara our revolutionary product for food waste disposal.

As we move into a more environmentally conscious era which requires us to be socially responsible towards the rest of society and future generations.  The act of disposing waste in an effective manner that requires minimum waste land is of the utmost importance.

After ten years of research and development by the founder, we have invented the perfect solution, a food waste disposal unit which would make the world a healthier and better place to live in for now and the future generation.

Smart cara is the number 1 selling food waste disposal unit in korea.

If everyone can do their bits by using it in the office environment, at home, schools, hospitals and make disposing food waste a fun and easy way. It will definitely help reduce carbon footprint, benefiting from cost savings through reduced bin bags as well as smells. Having everyone participate in this green movement, showing stakeholders, clients and customers that you are committed to environmental issues, creating awareness for the environment!



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If You Want Your End Product To Be Used As A Soil Enhancer, You MUST Do Exactly How You Would Do With A Compost Bin (With Some Ingredients Not Allowed) And Mix With The Soil

* Food waste that contains moisture is completely dehydrated and pulverized into a powder that is 1/10th of the original mass. The resulting waste is easily disposed of once a month.

* Time varies depending on food waste contents.

* Starchy food are not advisable just like any other kitchen ware.