Food Scraps And Expired Food :

  • Almost anything (except bigger bones like beef, lamb and avocado / nectarines / apricot / Mango seeds etc).

  • Candy and Gum.

  • cooking oils or greases.

  • Nuts and hard shells.

Please Take Note:

  • Please drain out most of the liquid so the end product can be dry.

  • Avoid too heavy starch - sugar in one load and to make sure to mix with other food waste. If they are not mixed together, the end result will be dry and sticky food end product stuck to the bottom of the bucket and not processed entirely. if this happens, simply add more food and start the cycle again.


  • Remove the stickers on the filters before use.

  • Make sure your filters are installed properly at the back of the machine.

  • Time to replace your filters.


  • Dish-washer friendly.

  • Hard or dense food waste can wear down the inside coating and decrease the life span. The bucket is made of cast iron and designed to last many years through normal and proper use.

  • just like any cooking and kitchen appliances, you shouldn’t put too much sugar or starch at one go unless you are stirring it! :-)

Soil Enhancer :

  • Please follow exactly the same steps as you do with a compost bin so you get the by-product as soil enhancer or nutrient rich fertilizer.

  • Let the nutrient rich by-product sit for a week and then mix with soil and mature it for 2 weeks.

  • If you do not have a garden handy, but have a compost pile, the by-product can be added directly to your compost bin.

  • Do not sprinkler on the soil.

  • Some customers prefer to use the powder while it still retains the moisture so they stop the machine at 1.5 hour and mix the wet by-product with the soil.

  • Compost quality testing in the lab has certified that the mineral is rich and meet criteria for landscaping and excellent for soil enhancer

Hygiene :

  • You don't have to keep your food waste at home and let it smells for days, simply leave it in the unit and once it has accumulate enough then start the process!

  • Keep the powder form food waste in a container and once it's filled up, you can then use it on plants or throw it away which has lesser impact on the environment.

  • No more mice and insects targeting the food waste.

  • No more spilling from plastic bags or caddy bins.

  • Keeps your trash can/ bins clear of rotten food.

  • Take out rubbish far less often.