I just want to thank you for the really fast delivery. I’m absolutely delighted with the machine and it’s even processing my little dogs poop fantastically too.
I can’t sing the Smart Cara’s praises high enough. It’s simply fabulous.
- Susanne.

"It kept my kitchen clean and free of bin bags for food waste!"
- Mark, London

"So easy to use! I didn't expect it to be so quiet and it has no smell.. was skeptical at first but now our whole family use it weekly to reduce the food waste
that has always been dripping all over the floor and smells after a few hours. No more mice!"

- Anna, London

"It works so much faster than a traditional outdoor composter.
The traditional method smells bad and attracts lots of flies and it is very slow. Now I can do my gardening using the compost within a few hours."

- Emily, Surrey

"I would like to inform you that I tried Smartcara using 1kg waste of tomatoes, onions and bananas with an amazing result for me.
I obtained 84.69g of compost. Allow me to send photos to you the next time i do it again!"
- Marco, Italy

"I wasn't sure about ordering this product because it’s really new to the market. I saw it from Ecobuild show and decided to go ahead and made the purchase.
Within 3 days I received my new food waste recycling machine and I must say the design looks neat and modern. I’m particularly pleased that it doesn’t need any installation like something under the basin. During the whole process, it’s odourless and very quiet. And my food waste has been reduced to approximately 80% which makes my life so much easier.
So far my experience is that the more humidity in the organic waste, the longer duration of the cycle. In general it takes about 3 hours.

For all the convenience and benefits, I give this 5 stars. If you are dithering about buying this just buy it…money well spent. Love it!"

We’ve had one for a few months now and find it very easy and quiet to operate. Genuinely does what it says on the tin. Eats tea bags, chicken, lamb and softer bones.
Doesn’t really like the outer husks of sweetcorn but it deals with it and leaves a soft, dry result. Try it, you’ll like it!

Terry Verney from zero waste

The SmartCara is a great device. It’s actually packed with clever ‘SMART’ circuits and mechanisms to turn a bucket of food waste into a tiny pile of dry crumbs is a few hours at very low cost. Good-bye smelly bags of rotting food waste! Hello useful soil conditioner, fire tinder, or YES, dried soup mix…

It’s not silent, but emits a gentle musical hum that is quite acceptable compared to a washing machine, food mixer, or electric kettle. The reduction in bulk from a bucket of food scraps to dried crumbs is very impressive and you can store this indefinitely, without risk of it rotting or going off.

The real issue is the cost, especially in the UK where many of us have food collection from kerbside. If you’re an eco-warrior living in a high rise apartment on the London embankment, you’ll want one of these, otherwise it’s steep outlay. The benefits are definitely worth the investment. As A model of how to turn food waste from a rotting problem to a sustainable resource, it wins every time!

Well done Smart Cara. Good luck finding your market niche.

I can only say: Fantastic Amazing!!!!
We have been using it for a week and ALL our food waste have been dried and pulverised as nutrient for the vegetable garden!!
- Paddy Sr

This was quite an outlay expense wise but I'm very glad I did it, it's dramatically reduced the amount of rubbish that goes into my general bin for landfill. All my cooking scraps, peelings, coffee grains and tea leaves etc go in and it really does come out looking like pot pourri but odourless. I've added it to compost and it can be used for fuel too. The delivery was very prompt, it turned up a day after I ordered it.
- Caroline

Happy with the fast delivery. Item was great to cut down my domestic waste in meaningful ways!
- Lyn C


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